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Ask The Doctor FAQs

CDO FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are compilations of responses from CDO families to questions and topics most frequently discussed on CDO listservs as well as frequent website inquiries. For more information on joining any CDO listserv, please click here to send an e-mail to us.

CDO is a non-profit organization providing support & information to families affected by rare chromosome disorders. Information contained in our listserv, newsletter, website, any electronic or regular mailing should be used for informational & supplemental purposes only. Please always contact your personal healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns.

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What about dental issues in kids with rare chromosome disorders?
What is Echogenic Bowel?
Talking to children about rare chromosome disorders.
Please explain an amnio test result showing tetraploidy.
Explain pregnancy outcome and Robertsonian Translocation.
Explain risks of having a second child with Down's Syndrome.
Please explain mosaicism in amniocentesis.
Is Manic Depression (Bi-Polar illness) hereditary?
Please explain prenatal diagnosis of uncultured amniocytes.
Please explain "+7" as a result of fetal testing due to a miscarriage.
Please explain low sperm count in relation to the need for additional genetic testing for karyotype and Y-Chromosome Deletion. Is there an increased risk of a child with genetic problems?
13p deletion - Would you provide us with information on a missing chromosome 13p. Our specialists can't provide us with any info.
My son was born with an inverted Y chromosome. What does this mean?
How long does a chromosome test take?
What is MEN - I understand it has something to do with chromosome 11.
Is Sturge Weber Syndrome a chromosome disorder?
My wife has a balanced translocation. What are the chances of having a healthy child? We have lost 3 pregnancies.
What is the turnaround time on tests commonly used to diagnose chromosome disorders?
My son has 46 XX (rather than 46 XY) with the SRY gene attached. Do developmental delays result from this?
Please tell me more about Yp deletion.
I just had a second miscarriage. Testing revealed Trisomy 7. Should I seek genetic counseling?
Tell me more about Rob t (14;15), prenatal testing & miscarriage.
Our doctor is 'fishing' our only certain chromosomes-one at a time? Isn't there some way to check all the chromosomes at once?
I am pregnant and an ultrasound showed 2 bilateral CPC on the baby? No other abnormalities were present. Should I worry?
I would like to know what may happen if patients boost their levels of dopamine, adrenaline, acetic acid, among other drugs. I have heard it may improve cognitive delay but I understand there may be risks - such as hypertension.